quinta-feira, 17 de janeiro de 2008

iPOD'S 20

As mais pedidas no iPod:

“Yea Yeah Yeah Song” – Flaming Lips (At War Whit the Mistics)
“Next Big Thing” – Dictators (Go Girl Crazy!)
“I Love Rock’n’Roll” - Jesus & Mary Chain (Munki)
“I Hat Rock’n’Roll” – Jesus & Mary Chain (Munki)
“Baby Snakes” – Frank Zappa (Sheik Yerbouti)
“Folsom Prison Blues” – Johnny Cash (Live At Folsom Prison)
“Magical Colors” – Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (Acme)
“I Beg your Pardon” – Kon Kan (Kon Kan)
“Happy Together” – Turtles (The Turtles)
“Special” – Violent Femmes (Blind Leading The Naked)
“Venus” – Television (Marque Moon)
“Último Verão” – Julio Reny (Último Verão)
“Sexx Laws” – Beck - (Midnite Vultures)
“Casino Royale Theme” – Burt Bacharach (Original Soundtrack)
“The Thrill is Gone” – Chet Baker (Deep in a Dream)
“Resolution” – John Coltrane (A Love Supreme)
“Place to Be” – Nick Drake (Pink Moon)
“Caravan” – Van Morrison (Moondance)
“Rocks” – Primal Scream (Dirty Hits)
Hard Luck” – Undertones (The Best Of Undertones)

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